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Website Content List


You should consider having the home page, the company profile page, the staff page, the contact us page, and a total of two products/services pages. If you wish you may substitute an additional product or service page for the staff page. If your company has an existing flyer or brochure you can use that to furnish much of the material for your web site.  These are only suggestions to aid you in planning your website content.

1. The HOME PAGE: This is the place people usually see first, and it acts as a greeting place and a brief source of information as to what the page is about. Its main function is to look nice, be professional (for business sites), tell people briefly what the site is for, and to lead people to the other parts of your web site. Think of it as the front of your building or the window in a storefront. If the home page is too klutzy, glitzy, or slow to load people will not come in to see the rest of your web. The Home Page should have a company logo, photo or graphic, the name of your company, and a motto or brief description of the purpose of your company or the web site. The home page should fit in a window in the browser on a typical PC. It should also have the names and hyperlinks to the other important pages or sections of your web site. Do not try to put company products, etc. here.  You may add a simple small animation, but keep things brief and to the point!

2. ABOUT US/PROFILE: This page describes the company and it's talents and benefits. In other words, why should someone use your company or your goods or services? You could also include some history and background of the company and or principals of the company. You can include one or more photos or other graphics here.

3. STAFF: This page should say something about the staff of your company, the positions they hold and/or the services they provide.

4. CONTACT US: This page contains your company mailing address, telephone numbers email addresses and a form, which the customer can complete and have emailed to you. This can be a good source of leads for sales or other matters. This should be brief but get the basic contact data.

5. PRODUCTS/SERVICES: You choose for your company whether you want products pages, services pages or both. If you have many products or services you need a main page where you describe all the types of services and/or products you offer. From this page, you can link to other pages of details about a specific type of product or service you offer. If you have a limited inventory or something special you want to advertise on the Web you can include photos and descriptions in this section and any other products/services pages.

6. ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS/SERVICES:  This page can be additional products or services as above. 

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