Webmail-Digital Media WorldWide, Inc


WEBMAIL comes FREE with your hosting.
Webmail can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any computer that is connected to the Internet.  This method of accessing your email is convenient for those times when you are away from the office and need to access your email.  After reading your email online, it remains in your inbox on the server, until downloaded the next time you open your email on your computer.
Webmail is part of you hosting services and applies only to those mailboxes set up at your domain name on your we server.  If you are redirecting or forwarding your website mail to another address, then webmail is not active.

To access webmail:  http://www.yourdomainname/webmail
Login: user@domainname   (use your full email address here)
Password: your mailbox password

When you login for the first time you will see 3 webmail options, Horde, Round Cube and Squirrel Mail, and you can choose which one you prefer to use.  Recently there has been an error with attachements and the program Horde.

Put the webmail address in your favorites for easy access.