Submitting Materials-Digital Media WorldWide, Inc

Submitting Materials


How Much Can Go on a Page?
There is no actual limit as to what can be contained on a web page.  It is normal for a visitor to scroll a page that exceeds the viewable area of their screen.  Scrolling should be minimal and download time on a page should be limited to 15 seconds or less. 

Print Layouts
The web has constraints that make it near impossible to recreate an exact print layout through the use of HTML.  Our designer will do their absolute best to re-create & keep with the continuity of any printed material you may have, but please be aware that the web does not allow the exact duplication of your printed material.   If this is a concern, please note this on your materials & a designer will contact you to discuss the possible options.

Colors appear differently on the web.  If exact colors are important to the design of your site please research color codes for websites, note the color names & mark accordingly on your material.

Submitting Photos, Logos, and other Art Work
We must have good quality photos or artwork, or other media such as color brochures or catalogue pages which we can scan, or media already scanned and of a quality which will look professional on the web.  Please be aware that the cleaner the image we receive the cleaner it will appear on your site.  We do not re-touch, color enhance or otherwise modify graphics in any other way without additional charges being applied.  Images can be reduced in size but not enlarged due to the nature of photographs, graphics etc.  When possible please send images in digital formats.

Digital Images from Digital Cameras
The size of the artwork should be equal in size or larger than you wish them to appear on the web. Do not expect us to get a good logo from a business card! Good quality copies should be furnished if possible. If we receive faxed or unclear Xerox copies of artwork there could be a cleanup fee, if we are able to restore them to displayable quality!

If you are emailing us graphics which you want used on the web, please send them as .jpg or .png files instead of bitmap files so they do are not so large.  If you send us electronic graphics files they should be named by item mentioned in the accompanying text (e.g. tire1.jpg) and referenced accordingly on your "Web Input Form", or an additional read me file or document should be included which tells which graphic file belongs to what name or item in any accompanying text and what page it goes in.  Any materials not meeting these conditions could require special processing and may result in additional fees.

Submitting TEXT
Text should be typed and proofread for grammar, spelling, and accuracy.  We are not as knowledgeable to the terms used within your Business/industry. Please proof all copy to be posted on your site prior to submitting your files. It should be saved as an MSWord file if possible, if not we can take RTF files, Word Perfect Files, HTML or plain text files. If you save as an HTML file make sure you include the graphics referenced in the file separately.  Text should be in English. If you desire any other languages text must be proofed by you for accuracy spelling, etc. and you must furnish us a disk with the complete accurate text with all accent marks, etc. If you wish, for additional charges, we can hire Language specialists to translate, proofread and or prepare any non-English text for you.  However there are now online translations.

You should have one file for each page. The file should be named according to the page.  For example:  The information for the home page should be in a file called homepage or index (plus an extension of doc, rtf, or txt).  The text for the ABOUT US page should be in a file called about us (plus an extension of doc, rtf, html or txt). The text for staff should be in a file called staff (plus an extension of doc, rtf, or txt). The text for contact us should be in a file called contacts (plus an extension of doc, rtf, or txt). The text for services or products should be in a file called services or products (plus an extension of doc, rtf, or txt). The text for additional services or products should be in a file called services2, services3, or products2, products3, or both, etc. depending on what you want (plus extensions of doc, rtf, or txt).
If it is not convenient for you to furnish text in the above manner, we will scan it or type it for a modest fee.

Delivering Materials To Us
All materials should be furnished in electronic form should come in the following way:
A. Electronic files of text and photos can be either:
     Emailed as attached files with a cover message including your company name  and web domain
     address to:
B.  If you have files too large for email, please contact us for additional information

Thank you for your prompt attention to these details. The more closely you follow the above procedures the faster one of our Designers will be able to get your web site up and running on the Internet.  When we receive incomplete material packages, we are unable to begin the project.  We require all materials to be in house prior to beginning the creation of your website.