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Control Panel (cPanel)



Your Control Panel Software is easy-to-use and comprehensive. Here are some of the important features included in your control panel:
Getting There: You can reach your control panel by entering: in your browser address window. Replace with your own domain name in your browser. The browser will automatically change the address window to reflect this URL which is secure:  This brings you to your logon window.  Once you have entered your user ID and password you will be at a window that shows your options.


Click on the Mail Icon and you will see a list of email accounts.  This is where you add/delete email accounts.  Please use a maximum quota of 1240 MB when setting up new email accounts.  Mailboxes have a 1240 MB limit unless otherwise requested. All values are in Kilobytes, and simply divide the value by 1024 to get the value in Megabytes.  It is recommended that you keep your mailbox name and passwords in lower case as email can be case sensitive in some programs.

Aliases are viewed under forwarders. 

Spam is controlled under SpamAssassin.

Email Client Setup:
(Does not apply if you have setup your email to be aliased to an external email server.
Once you have created a mailbox using your site's control panel, then you need to configure your PC's email program to download mail from this newly created mailbox. For detailed instructions on how to setup your PC's email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, gmail etc.) please see our Email Support document.

Accessing Logs:
To access website log files click on the icon called Web/FTP stats.  You will see a list of programs available for viewing your website traffic statistics.  Click on Webalizer.

Autoresponder Setup:
We highly recommend that you do not use Autoresponders as your email account and the entire web server will be blacklisted by a company called Backscatter.  This company charges to de-list your server and then can re-list it almost immediately after de-lisitng it.  

To Delete an Autoresponder: 
Click on the Auto responder.  Then click delete.  A message will ask you to verify so click yes and then submit.  This deletes your Autoresponder.

There are many valuable and useful programs and scripts included in your cPanel.  You can set up MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, FTP sites, etc.