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Basic Spam Control


The free spam control software on our servers and included with your hosting is called SpamAssassin and is available at no additional fee for all of our hosted websites. SpamAssassin is enabled by default with default settings. Each client can add email addresses to the whitelist and/or the blacklist. 

Through the Control Panel, clients can configure their SpamAssassin for their unique domain name.  You can White List those email addresses that you want to receive from and you can Black List those email addresses that you do not want to receive emails. With Control Panel access click on the Mail Icon and then SpamAssassin. If you do not have Control Panel access and would like it, please contact us.

SpamAssassin is a mail filter to identify spam. It is an intelligent email filter which uses a diverse range of tests to identify unsolicited bulk email, more commonly known as Spam. These tests are applied to email headers and content to classify email using advanced statistical methods. In addition, SpamAssassin has a modular architecture that allows other technologies to be quickly wielded against spam and is designed for easy integration into virtually any email system.  However, with all this in mind, electronic filtering is never as good as human filtering so there are sometimes legitimate emails that get tagged as Spam.   This is called a False Positive.

Spam may be tagged in the subject line of the email message as follows: [SPAM] and can be directed to a “Spam Folder” that is accessible thru your webmail and/or Control Panel instead of arriving in your email software inbox.   It is not being deleted so you can review it and then delete it yourself if there are no legitimate messages there. You must empty this spam folder frequently. 

You can also choose to have all messages tagged as spam automatically deleted. These functions are in your Control Panel under SpamAssassin.
Here is how to view spam messages in your spam folder:
Go to your webmail or .net or .org whatever ending your domain uses, then add a forward slash and the word webmail.
Example: /webmail.  When you hit enter the URL will automatically change to

Your login is your full email address and your password. You will see folder icons on the left and one of the folders will say "spam".   If you have no spam, then you will not see this folder. When you click on the folder called spam, you will view all the spam that has been delivered.  Since this could be quite large, like 1000 messages, we suggest that you click thru the pages to make sure there is no legitimate email in the list.  We have found that it is rare to find any legitimate messages in the spam.   The software is very good at determining spam versus legitimate emails.  

You can empty the spam folder with a couple of clicks by clicking on the icon at the top called "folders".   Put a check mark in the box next to the spam folder and then choose from the drop down menu to empty folders.  You will get a prompt asking you to confirm that you do want to delete the contents of the spam folder.
If you have any questions or problems with the above, please feel free to call us 1-877-630-0504 during normal business hours, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time and we will help you.
FYI:  We offer an upgraded spam filter called DMWMX SpamShield for all your spam on every mailbox at your domain name. Contact us today and you can be spam free tomorrow. Click on the Support Document (Advanced Spam Control) to learn more.