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Advanced Spam Control

DMWMX SpamShield

Due to the enormous amount of spam being sent over the Internet now, many businesses find themselves spending hours each day filtering through junk emails. That is money and time poorly spent.  We want to help you get rid of spam once and for all.

We offer an upgraded spam filter called DMWMX SpamShield for all the spam on every mailbox at your domain name. The new upgraded DMWMX SpamShield is Anti-Spam filtering, Anti-Phishing & Trojan, Anti-virus scanning.  It cleans your emails prior to reaching your email server and will individually scrub every mail account on your domain name. Even if our mail server goes down, your mail is held for 7 days.  That alone recoups the yearly cost of the filter. 

All websites are public and besides attracting positive traffic for your business they also attract spammers and hackers.  We currently use SpamAssassin on all of our web servers, but since you are on a shared platform with other businesses, the filters must be set conservatively; we cannot have the filters set too strong. 

Over the past couple of years spam has increased to a point that it is costing businesses money every year. The cost of the new upgraded DMWMX SpamShield is pennies on the dollar, and set up is free.  That breaks down to a fraction of a cent on every email received over a year.  The NO SPAM relief is worth every dollar you spend.

DMWMX SpamShield’s spam filtering service eliminates 99% of your junk email and all viruses that come along with it.

Contact us today and you can be spam free tomorrow.
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